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"Trabajo de Llano"
Ongoing project

For centuries, the most remote regions of Colombia have been home to “Trabajo de Llano,” a ritual that happens only twice a year where men and women gather their cattle to brand, vaccinate and care for them and release the again to graze on the vast plains of the Orinoco River Basin. Livestock is the economic core of this region, but traditional practices and the entire cultural movement around them have gradually faded away, replaced by modernization. It has put the heritage of the local cowboys at risk. My project focuses on these cowboys and their work with the cattle that turn these ancient traditions into lifestyle. This project will constitute several topics that have not been deeply explored, such as the role of women, who historically have been invisibilized and confined to traditional gender roles in the home, the role of the indigenous community "Maiben Masiware" one of the last nomadic peoples of Colombia that is disappearing and that have also been affected by the impact of the accelerated processes of modernization in the dying culture of its inhabitants and their identity.


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